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SE Protocol
Manage the transmittal of documents, files and objects and enhance procedures management


SE Protocol is a powerful transmittal system for managing the flow of correspondence or physical/digital items in an intuitive and easy way, thus increasing employees' efficiency and improving overall security in the environment.

The software was developed to meet compliance requirements for regulated environments and to manage and control communications between the various departments, branch offices, remote sites, suppliers, partners and customers, providing process visibility and traceability in real time. SE Protocol also allows attaching documents and associating objects and comments by users involved in the transmittal in progress.

In addition, SE Protocol may work integrated with SE Capture, whereby system users may scan physical documents and convert them to electronic formats, and integrated with SE Document, helping companies to reduce time and costs associated with the transmittal management of correspondence and items.

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Protocol tracking
Protocol view
Protocol history report
Protocol flowchart


  • Set up of multiple transmittal processes for different purposes.
  • Configuration of transmittal forms according to the organization's needs, through custom attributes.
  • Support to the transmittal of correspondence and physical/digital documents.
  • Security control by protocol.
  • Location of physical copies of correspondence, documents and items.
  • Control over closure of protocols.
  • Digital signatures on electronic documents associated with the transmittal.
  • Transmittal flow control through confirmation of receipt or return of protocols.
  • Automated generation of coversheet, providing instructions and information about the protocol.
  • Defining responsibilities, assigning tasks for receiving items to specific employees and monitoring them.
  • Protection of information within the organization, delivering the right data to the right person at the right time.
  • Creation of a more transparent environment within organizations, where information may be submitted to the right employees at the right times.
  • Assurance of a reputable image whereby organizations can respond and follow up on all information and items professionally and in a timely manner.

About SoftExpert

SoftExpert is a market leader in software and services for enterprise-wide business process improvement and compliance management, providing the most comprehensive application suite to empower organizations to increase business performance at all levels and to maximize industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance programs.

Founded in 1995, SoftExpert has a rich history of innovation and growth as a true industry leader. More than 300,000 users from 2,000 organizations worldwide trust SoftExpert applications to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, quality and innovation for their products, services and processes.

By streamlining and integrating all levels and operations, SoftExpert applications also enable organizations to address an ever-increasing variety and number of international standards, laws and regulations that affect business operations by delivering enhanced compliance capabilities based on industry-specific best practices.

SoftExpert solutions are used by leading corporations in all kinds of industries, including consumer products, automotive, food and beverage, mining and metals, high tech and IT, energy and utilities, government and public sector, financial services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, education, medical devices and many others.

Along with its extensive network of resellers spread across all continents, SoftExpert also provides hosting, implementation, post-sales support, and validation services for its solutions to ensure that customers realize the maximum value from their investments.

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