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SoftExpert EAM is an Asset Management software which optimizes asset utilization and performance at lower operating costs by eliminating unplanned downtime to maximize the lifetime value of all asset types - production, facilities, transportation and IT - across the enterprise.

The Enterprise Asset Management software enables organizations to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine and unplanned equipment maintenance and calibration, improving the daily effectiveness of operations and technical staff.

It also better manages equipment and facilities to increase reliability and ensure regulatory compliance with laws, regulations and industry-specific requirements, all while reducing energy usage and supporting sustainability initiatives.

Enterprise Asset Management [EAM] Enterprise Asset Management [EAM]

Successful companies know that improving their asset performance reduces costs and enhances their capacity to grow. SoftExpert EAM software helps companies improve asset performance, increase service life, and cut costs by providing a complete set of asset management and workflow capabilities to managers and team members.

Asset management

Record data about assets including maintenance activities, specifications, purchase date, expected lifetime, warranty information, service contracts, service history, spare parts and anything else that might be of help to management or maintenance workers.

Provide asset teams and third-parties with an enterprise-wide collaborative web-based environment to create, capture, approve, store, find, view, and manage a wide variety of document formats, including MS-Office, CAD drawings, PDF, etc.

The software also monitors a variety of performance indicators, enabling users to measure the effectiveness of the asset management program, including asset availability, utilization, reliability and efficiency.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance automatically based on time intervals and/or meter readings. Keep track of preventive maintenance jobs, including step-by-step instructions or check-lists, lists of materials required, and other pertinent details.

Condition-based maintenance prevents breakdowns and unplanned downtime by a predictive tool that monitors asset condition data (e.g. vibration, temperature, lubricants, etc.) and automatically triggers an alert and/or a work order when a reading exceeds any acceptable limits for equipment operation.

Work orders

Manage both planned and unplanned maintenance activities, scheduling jobs tasks, assigning available resources, reserving materials, recording costs, and tracking relevant information, including condition of assets, operation downtime, machine breakdown repairs, causes of failures, etc.

SoftExpert software for enterprise asset management helps companies define service offerings to improve organizational communication and allow end users to submit new service and repair requests, which are optionally routed for approval, as well as track and follow open service requests.

Materials management

Help optimize and plan inventory to meet maintenance demand precisely, making the right parts available at the right location when needed, leading to reduce stock-outs, inventory shrinkage and carrying costs. Keep record of all material movements and adjustments, allowing for real-time material tracking, reporting and auditing.

Calibration management

Schedule and record all calibration activities and costs. Automatic notifications indicate when equipment is due for calibration. Perform fast, repeatable, and accurate automated calibrations. Generate calibration reports and certificates to address regulatory compliance.

The best fit for every size or location

SoftExpert EAM software delivers anytime, anywhere access to asset information and documentation through flexible web-based user interfaces. Through workflow automation capabilities, users have alternate interfaces including interactive dashboards and simple forms to consume role-specific information.

SoftExpert EAM can easily scale from a few users to thousands across dozens of sites. The solution is built on a robust Java architecture and is designed to deliver high performance with tight security, flexible integration and real-time reporting and analytics.

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Material control
Document control
Asset data
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Work order schedule
Calibration record
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Work orders monitoring

The Challenge

In today's economic climate, organizations around the world are facing tremendous pressure to manage their assets proactively across the organization to reduce costs, increase productivity, and respond to a rapidly changing regulatory and economic environment.

Being proactive means having both an accurate inventory and a detailed history of their cost, which includes those relating to operational management, services, and maintenance and repair.

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About SoftExpert

SoftExpert is a market leader in software and services for enterprise-wide business process improvement and compliance management, providing the most comprehensive application suite to empower organizations to increase business performance at all levels and to maximize industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance programs.

Founded in 1995, SoftExpert has a rich history of innovation and growth as a true industry leader. More than 300,000 users from 2,000 organizations worldwide trust SoftExpert applications to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, quality and innovation for their products, services and processes.

By streamlining and integrating all levels and operations, SoftExpert applications also enable organizations to address an ever-increasing variety and number of international standards, laws and regulations that affect business operations by delivering enhanced compliance capabilities based on industry-specific best practices.

SoftExpert solutions are used by leading corporations in all kinds of industries, including consumer products, automotive, food and beverage, mining and metals, high tech and IT, energy and utilities, government and public sector, financial services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, education, medical devices and many others.

Along with its extensive network of resellers spread across all continents, SoftExpert also provides hosting, implementation, post-sales support, and validation services for its solutions to ensure that customers realize the maximum value from their investments.

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