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Food Safety and Food Quality is the #1 priority for any organization that intends to prosper in the food industry.

It is clear that a growing list of legislation and regulations is forthcoming to ensure that food delivered to consumers is wholesome, fit and safe for consumption. After the publication of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) as a law by the US Government in 2011, more governments worldwide are introducing new requirements for producers and food processors to allow traceability to their supply chain.

Food Safety and Quality Management has become a diverse and challenging dimension of any food-related company. More and more departments are contributing to the process, creating more data than most can reasonably analyze and process.

There has also been an abundance of food safety and food quality standards in the world, and variation between the requirements, implementation and auditing of these standards. With the success that the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has achieved with harmonization of standards, it was logical that they would take on this issue with the development of an ISO Food Safety Standard.

However, the food safety and food quality landscape is rapidly changing with the increase in public scrutiny and the creation of organizations such as the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) that supports other food safety and food quality standards.

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The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an independent global consumer goods network, with over 400 members across 150 countries, and was formed to cause food safety standards to converge by benchmarking food safety management schemes and improving cost efficiency through the common acceptance of GFSI recognized standards by retailers. It also provides unique international networking opportunities and knowledge exchange, and promotes the sharing of best food safety practice and information.

Today, major food manufacturers and retailers demand their suppliers adhere to GFSI schemes to ensure safe and high quality food. In most ways, GFSI-benchmarked schemes require higher safety standards than what the government regulatory bodies enforce. GFSI is focused on reducing duplication of audits across the supply chain, meeting customer demands and managing food safety risks. The essence of GFSI-benchmarked schemes is preventing safety and quality problems before they reach customers. Thus, an organization certified to any of the GFSI recognized food safety schemes will already be on its way to fulfilling the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules and other international government requirements.

Your company’s paper-based or hybrid food safety and food quality system may have been good enough in the past, but today's regulations demand more. As an example, the FSMA requires that food producers and processors keep records related to their supply chain in digital format.

It is time to dig deeper into your internal quality and compliance processes. Is your existing food safety system efficient and effective? Can it handle these new requirements?

GFSI recognized standards include the SQF, BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000.
These are rapidly becoming the standards for food certification and many food businesses are required to operate food safety to one of the approved schemes.


SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) facilitates your food safety management. It guides you through the process of creating a comprehensive food safety plan with the knowledge and procedures needed to do the job right. The main related disciplines are completely covered by SoftExpert Suite components, including supplier management, procedures/policies, process management, CAPA management, indicator/control monitoring, audits, and more. The complete scenario for your food safety system.

SE Suite has been developed to address the specific requirements of the main GFSI standards. The specific requirements defined in these standards are covered in the relevant modules and workflows of the SoftExpert SE Suite platform.

SE Suite plays a key role in helping organizations adopt an integrated approach to food safety. The suite can be adopted based on the program requirements of FSMA and GFSI.

The Solution

Compliance Management SE Suite Module
  • Achieve your quality objectives.
  • Comply with GFSI Requirements by maintaining an organizational chart.
  • Save time with clear pre-defined review templates.
  • Promote continuous improvement.
  • Disseminate information effectively.
SE Document SE Document
Supplier & Product Information SE Suite Module
  • Conduct all supply chain management activities without paperwork.
  • Ensure quality of received goods.
  • Know when nonconforming material is arriving.
SE Inspection SE Inspection
Hazard & Risk Management SE Suite Module
  • Facilitate the identification of product and ingredient risks.
  • Facilitate hazard analyses based on different risk evaluation methods.
  • Automate the application of risk evaluations.
  • Facilitate the identification and evaluation of risk-related control measures.
  • Ensure the continuous monitoring and revision of the hazard management process.
SE Risk SE Risk
Preventive Controls SE Suite Module
  • Be notified when calibrations are due.
  • Identify out-of-spec equipment.
  • Be notified when scheduled maintenance jobs are due.
  • Manage maintenance jobs without compromising food safety.
  • No need to operate a separate system.
Audits & Inspections SE Suite Module
  • Be notified when audits are due.
  • Demonstrate compliance with auditors.
  • Schedule audits, taking into consideration the scope, status and importance of the processes and/or areas to be audited.
  • Define criteria, methods, responsibilities and requirements to be audited.
SE Audit SE Audit
Record keeping SE Suite Module
  • Guarantee a constant record of all HACCP Plans, procedures and food safety systems.
  • Guarantee record retention, based on regulatory requirements.
  • Automate forwarding, revision and approval, among other activities, boosting the team's efficiency.
  • Guarantee that only the latest version of the document is used, avoiding the use of obsolete documents.
SE Document SE Document
NCM & Capa SE Suite Module
  • Standardize your process of managing and documenting non-conformances.
  • Identify trends with built-in reports.
  • Collect all corrective actions in one place.
  • Simple workflow aligned with GFSI requirements.
  • Delegate tasks effectively.
Action plan Action plan
Training Management SE Suite Module
  • Schedule and automate the training plan.
  • Ensure the high competency of your workforce.
  • Maintain the appropriate records of education, skills and experience.
SE Training SE Training

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