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Statistical Process Control


SE Statistical Process Control, is a solution designed to collect and analyze data easily allowing you to monitor performance and achieve sustainable improvements in quality and profitability. SE SPC uses control charts as a primary tool for statistical process control. Control charts are used to determine whether a manufacturing or business process is in a state of statistical control or not. They are also used with product measurements to analyze process capability and for continuous process improvement efforts.

The solution is specifically designed to be scalable, which means no architectural changes are necessary as you add new users, processes, data categories, specific reports, and integration with other SoftExpert modules or new data sources.

Most importantly, SE SPC enables organizations to improve overall quality, and reduce costs and risks associated with a growing number of regulatory compliance and corporate governance processes such as those related to the ISO 9000 Quality Guidelines, ISO/TS 16949, FDA 21CFR Part 11 Electronic Record Keeping, and others.

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Data collection
Collection tracking
Values comparison
SPC Tasks


  • Signals when a process problem has occurred or is out of control.
  • Monitors process quality.
  • Provides mechanism to make process changes.
  • Supports process capability (Cp, Cpk) and process performance (Pp, Ppk) analysis with comparison to the product tolerance.
  • Multiple SPC charts may be simultaneously displayed in a single window, and updated in real time.
  • Allows easy data entry using the familiar spreadsheet-style data entry screen.
  • Captures data directly from gages and measurement devices.
  • Provides the ability to use real-time data to monitor, predict and make on-line adjustments for production quality and consistency.
  • Maintains all critical system information in a single log file for audits and regulatory information.
  • Sends violation data to an event log or prompt operators to enter information such as corrective actions, notes and assignable causes.

About SoftExpert

SoftExpert is a market leader in software and services for enterprise-wide business process improvement and compliance management, providing the most comprehensive application suite to empower organizations to increase business performance at all levels and to maximize industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance programs.

Founded in 1995, SoftExpert has a rich history of innovation and growth as a true industry leader. More than 300,000 users from 2,000 organizations worldwide trust SoftExpert applications to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, quality and innovation for their products, services and processes.

By streamlining and integrating all levels and operations, SoftExpert applications also enable organizations to address an ever-increasing variety and number of international standards, laws and regulations that affect business operations by delivering enhanced compliance capabilities based on industry-specific best practices.

SoftExpert solutions are used by leading corporations in all kinds of industries, including consumer products, automotive, food and beverage, mining and metals, high tech and IT, energy and utilities, government and public sector, financial services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, education, medical devices and many others.

Along with its extensive network of resellers spread across all continents, SoftExpert also provides hosting, implementation, post-sales support, and validation services for its solutions to ensure that customers realize the maximum value from their investments.

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